Kansas Senator Roger Marshall is Calling for Expanding Legal Immigration to Solve “Labor Problem” In Kansas 

Despite being nominally opposed to illegal immigration,  most mainline Republicans can always be counted on to bow down to the cheap labor lobby without fail.

Kansas Senator Roger Marshall recognizes that his state has a “labor problem.” To solve this problem, Marshall believes that expanding legal immigration should be on deck.

He told Latino Rebels reporter Pablo Manriquez that “legal immigration is going to be part of that solution” to “a huge labor problem” in Kansas. “As long as they give us $25 billion to finish the wall,” declared Marshall. “I think that everything would be on the table.”


This is one reason why being for border security is not enough. Republicans have to embrace a hardline stance on mass migration – be it legal or illegal. That means calling for an immigration moratorium, ending birthright citizenship, implementing E-Verify, and putting a stop to chain migration.

Border security is often cynically used by the political establishment to get elected officials, especially Republicans, to compromise on several micro-amnesties and expansions of legal immigration.

Marshall previously served in Kansas’ 1st congressional district from 2017 to 2021. He defeated certified immigration patriot Kris Kobach in the 2020 primaries for Kansas’ US Senate seat.

Looking back, one of former President Donald Trump’s biggest mistakes was to not endorse Kobach in this primary. His endorsement of Kobach would have likely put him over the top and resulted in a powerful immigration patriot championing immigration restriction in the US Senate. Now, Kansas voters and countless other working class voters could be staring down the barrel of a legal immigration expansion scheme that will further economically displace them.

Kansas made a big mistake by not pulling the lever for Kobach in 2020. Hopefully, enough pressure can be placed on Congress to kill any immigration reform bill that emphasizes legal immigration expansion. America’s workers deserve better.

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