Kanye West Shares Texts From Personal Trainer Threatening To Institutionalize Him AGAIN And ‘Medicate The Crap Out Of You’

Kanye West went on a tweeting spree yesterday evening, where he appeared to call out various people in his life who are allegedly working against him and want him silenced.

One of the claims that went viral was West’s accusation that his former personal trainer Harley Pasternak, who is Jewish, and highly critical of West’s recent criticisms and accusations against Jews, threatened to have him institutionalized and medicated.

West posted screenshots between him and Harvey on Twitter.

In the screenshots of text messages above, Harvey appears to give West two options. 

The first option is for West to essentially shut up with his controversial comments by only discussing things “based in fact” and “not some crazy stuff that dumb friend of yours told you.”

The “second option” for West, according to Harvey: “I have you institutionalized again where they medicate the crap out of you.” Sending West back to “Zombieland forever.”

“Even with all of that said,” Pasternak concluded, easing his threatening tone, “I still have lots of love in my heart for you, and my doors are always open.”

“Your origins might be Jewish,” Pasternak suggested, adding that, “being a Jew is not just who your mother was, and her mother, and her mother … It’s about how you act, How you think, And how you treat others.”

“I will do anything, anything, if you could please apologize to my people,” he added.

“It’s my people too,” West replied.

“OK. I love that,” Pasternak wrote back.

When that first tweet was posted, it was unclear who Harvey exactly was. To clarify, West would post a screenshot of Harvey Pasternak’s bio.

“I was told that if I expose the truth of the bad business practices everything is gonna be taken from me. Including my black children,” West later tweeted. “And everyone has bore whiteness to the public Emmett Tilling of Ye.”

This is not the first time Pasternak has targeted West with mental health claims and voiced his frustrations about the controversial Jewish comments. 

“I think Kanye a history of mental health issues,” he told Newsweek in October, “and it appears that he’s probably going through an episode right now. If people continue to give him a platform to discuss hateful, antisemitic rhetoric, they’re complicit.”

Notably, Pasternak was in support of Facebook and Twitter who recently restricted West’s accounts.

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