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Kanye West Turns on Godless Liberals in New Interview, Slams Abortion

West is uncompromising in sharing his Christian beliefs.



Hot off of the release of his new gospel album ‘Jesus is King,’ Kanye West has continued to espouse the Christian beliefs that inspired the album.

Kanye also didn’t mince words when taking down the insidious cultural influence of liberalism in the black community and the United States when speaking in an interview with radio host Big Boy on Friday.

West’s career as one of America’s most prominent entertainers seems to have opened his eyes against the influence of the mainstream music and entertainment industry.

When asked if he had turned on the culture of rap music and the entertainment industry, Kanye didn’t mince words, revealing his change of heart after finding his belief in Christ.

Kanye has become somewhat of an unlikely hero for many Christians after releasing his new gospel album.

He’s also embraced conservative political beliefs, striking up a friendship with Donald Trump and slamming the left’s cultural authoritarianism. He’s spoken of his belief that leftist policies and practices have devastated the black community.

Abortion rates in the black community have far outpaced that of the broader American population, a tragedy that Kanye spoke of in his interview with Big Boy.

He also spoke of his experience with leftist ‘cancel culture.’

I’ve been canceled before there was cancel culture. I only fear God.”

West has vocally rejected much of the obscenity and sexual themes contained in some of his earlier musical releases.

Kanye even spoke of including religious instruction in American schools in a line that one might expect to hear from well-known American evangelists.

Those people will be soon to take Jesus out of school. Those people will be soon to remove Jesus, period, from America, which is the Bible Belt. Those people will be so mad. Come on, man.


Mark McCloskey Sets the Record Straight, Identifies as Republican, Calls Black Lives Matter “Terrorist Organization”

He’s not a Democrat. And he definitely doesn’t support Black Lives Matter.



The Saint Louis man who confronted trespassing rioters agitating outside of his house spoke with Daily Wire host Michael Knowles on Wednesday, setting the record straight on two reports about himself that have recently circulated. Mark McCloskey and his wife confronted a mob of Black Lives Matter rioters who had broken through the gate of the private community in which he lives while armed, becoming the target of ire from left-wing activists and the city’s Soros-funded Democratic prosecutor.

McCloskey wanted to set the record straight on two important issues, rebuking reports that had surfaced in mainstream media claiming both that he was a Democrat, and that he actually supported the Black Lives Matter movement.

I want to set the record straight on one thing. I’ve been reading a lot of reports about me from the media… Some of whom have accused me of being a Democrat, and I have donated money to various candidates, particularly ones who were personal friends of mine over the years, but I’ve been a lifelong Republican.

McCloskey spoke of the Black Lives Matter in no uncertain terms, describing the group as a Marxist organization and a terrorist group that he in no way supports.

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Another thing I’d like to clear up is that the media reports me as being a supporter of the Black Lives Matter movement and I am certainly not. Black Lives Matter to my understanding is a Marxist organization opposed to everything I stand for and everything I hold near and dear. I do stand for equal justice under the law, but that’s got nothing to do with this terrorist organization known as Black Lives Matter.

A press release originating from the McCloskey’s lawyers had made it seem as if the couple were actually Democrats who supported the movement. It appears likely that the couple’s lawyers took considerable liberties in painting the couple as such, considering McCloskey most definitely doesn’t appear to be a fan of the street riot movement.

McCloskey also recounted his experiences preparing for a second round of mob protests outside of his house, for which he hired a team of private security for after progressive activists organized a harassment campaign targeting him and his wife.

Watch his full interview with Knowles here:

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