Kanye West Turns on Godless Liberals in New Interview, Slams Abortion

Hot off of the release of his new gospel album ‘Jesus is King,’ Kanye West has continued to espouse the Christian beliefs that inspired the album.

Kanye also didn’t mince words when taking down the insidious cultural influence of liberalism in the black community and the United States when speaking in an interview with radio host Big Boy on Friday.

West’s career as one of America’s most prominent entertainers seems to have opened his eyes against the influence of the mainstream music and entertainment industry.


When asked if he had turned on the culture of rap music and the entertainment industry, Kanye didn’t mince words, revealing his change of heart after finding his belief in Christ.

Kanye has become somewhat of an unlikely hero for many Christians after releasing his new gospel album.

He’s also embraced conservative political beliefs, striking up a friendship with Donald Trump and slamming the left’s cultural authoritarianism. He’s spoken of his belief that leftist policies and practices have devastated the black community.

Abortion rates in the black community have far outpaced that of the broader American population, a tragedy that Kanye spoke of in his interview with Big Boy.

He also spoke of his experience with leftist ‘cancel culture.’

I’ve been canceled before there was cancel culture. I only fear God.”

West has vocally rejected much of the obscenity and sexual themes contained in some of his earlier musical releases.

Kanye even spoke of including religious instruction in American schools in a line that one might expect to hear from well-known American evangelists.

Those people will be soon to take Jesus out of school. Those people will be soon to remove Jesus, period, from America, which is the Bible Belt. Those people will be so mad. Come on, man.

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