Kanye West Will Cast His First Vote Ever for President Donald Trump

Christian rapper Kanye West confirmed that he will be voting for Donald Trump in the 2020 election in an interview with GQ, clarifying that it would be the first time he’s ever voted for a presidential candidate.

I will not be told who I’m gonna vote on because of my color. I’m definitely voting this time. And we know who I’m voting on.

West has undergone a major career change within the last several years, opting to release Christian music as opposed to secular music. He became a target of criticism from the left for his public support of Donald Trump, famously wearing a MAGA hat when meeting with the President in the Oval Office.

Black people are controlled by emotions through the media. The media puts musicians, artists, celebrities, actors in a position to be the face of the race, that really don’t have any power and really are just working for white people.

The Chicago native has since become a critic of the influence of liberalism in the black community, criticizing abortion and what he views as undue loyalty to the Democratic Party. West has moved to a ranch in Wyoming, and seeks to put America First by bringing back manufacturing jobs from Asian sweatshops and relocating industry for his clothing company in the state.

West expressed his desire to continue to make music with Christian themes, stating that he didn’t care if he would be blackballed by culturally progressive Hollywood media elites.


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