Kari Lake Supporters Call for Military Intervention to Stop Election Fraud in Arizona Governor Race

Supporters of Arizona gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake are calling for military intervention to stop election fraud in Arizona’s gubernatorial race.

Lake was destroying her opponent, Democrat Katie Hobbs, in the polls heading into election day, but the processing of ballots has been delayed for no apparent reason. Making matters even more fishy, Hobbs is the current secretary of state and in charge of overseeing ballot processing, in a grotesque conflict of interest.

“We the people are requesting the military to step in and redo our election. It was fake,” a Lake supporter said during a demonstration against election fraud.

The video of the rally can be seen here:

Big League Politics reported on how Lake was set to be a firebrand against institutional corruption once elected Arizona governor:

Arizona Republican gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake told the fake news media that she will be their “worst fricking nightmare” once she is elected.

A CBS News reporter pressed Lake about being the potential vice presidential candidate for Donald Trump in 2024. She was annoyed by the question as she has addressed that subject many times before.

“Are you new covering this race? Because we have talked about this before. I’ve answered this question. I am going to not only be the governor of Arizona for four years, I’m going to do two terms,” she said.

“I’m going to be your worst fricking nightmare for eight years, and we will reform the media as well. We are going to make you guys into journalists again, so get ready. It’s gonna be a fun eight years; I can’t wait to be working with you,” Lake added…

“So, it’s okay for Democrats to question elections, but it’s not okay for Republicans?” Lake said in the clip above. “It’s a crock of BS, everyone of you knows it, we have our freedom of speech and we’re not gonna relinquish it to a bunch of fake news propagandists…”

“Since 2000, people have questioned the legitimacy of our elections and all we’re asking is that in the future we don’t have that have to happen any more,” she added.

“When I’m governor, we’re gonna make sure we have honest elections. We want the Democrats, independents, and Republicans to all know their vote counted. We want fair, honest, and transparent elections,” Lake said.

Lake would have been the nation’s most dynamic and pro-MAGA governor. This is why she had to be stopped. Democrats were emboldened by their successful election steal in 2020, and the Republican establishment is happy to look the other way to prevent the rise America First. This is how the Republic dies.

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