Karl Marx’s Grave Vandalized, Leftists Cry

The same group of petulant Marxist trash that gets its jollies from the vandalization and destruction of Confederate and United States history is upset Saturday, after finding that their beloved namesake’s grave been attacked in the same manner.

“This is horrific. I’m at Highgate Cemetery and Karl Marx’s grave has been attacked AGAIN. Staff think it happened this morning or last night. Second time in two weeks. This time red paint all over it,” said a British man on Twitter, attaching a photo of the grave.


Strictly speaking, the grave does not belong to Marx. It belongs to the state, just as Marx would have wanted it. The communist revolutionary whose ideas led to 100 million deaths in the 20th century is buried in Highgate Cemetery in London.

This is the second time in a month that Marx’s grave has been vandalized according to the official Twitter account of the Socialist Party:

“Marx’s tomb has been vandalised for the second time in a month. Daubing paint on the grave of someone who exposed how capitalists control and exploit the majority won’t prevent his vision of a better leaderless cooperative moneyless world becoming reality,” the group said.

These are the same people who revel in the destruction of Confederate statues in the United States while they attempt to poison this nation, founded upon the greatest set of ideas ever conceived by man, with Marx’s garbage.

This reporter, for one, has no sympathy for filthy commies.

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