‘KARMA’: D’Souza Taunts His Obama-Goon Prosecutor

Dinesh D’Souza, American patriot and pro-President Donald Trump writer, has been pardoned by the 45th president.

D’Souza was convicted of a small campaign-finance violation, which formed the basis of an Obama administration witch hunt against him and effort to silence his pro-America views. As he supports Trump, establishment Republicans and NeverTrumpers also identify D’Souza as a big target.

But D’Souza is celebrating today, courtesy of his pardon, which comes on the heels of President Trump pardoning another man of color, Jack Johnson, for a long-ago crime involving marrying a white woman.

Here is Dinesh taunting Preet Bharara, the rabidly anti-Trump U.S. Attorney who got fired by the president for being a bald-faced Democrat political activist.

Here is D’Souza on the Laura Ingraham Show talking about his pardon:

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