Kasich Accused of Flipping Key Senator To Murder The ‘Heartbeat’ Anti-Abortion Bill

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Outgoing “Republican” Ohio governor John Kasich stands accused of flipping a state senator who cast the decisive vote to uphold Kasich’s veto of the “Heartbeat” bill banning the aborting of unborn children with heartbeats in the state of Ohio.

The Republican-controlled Ohio House rebuked Kasich by overriding the governor’s veto Thursday. But in the state senate, Kasich’s veto held on by one vote, much to the delight of Planned Parenthood and other abortion advocates. The vote was 19-13, one vote shy of the 20-12 split that conservatives were aiming for. However, pro-life activists are still optimistic that they can get rid of Kasich’s veto in the new session, with Kasich out of office.

Republican Bill Beagle previously voted to support the heartbeat bill. But he ended up casting the deciding vote to dash the hopes of the pro-life community. Beagle is leaving the state senate due to term limits and sliding into a comfortable position as Miami county commissioner, an office that he won by running unopposed.

A tea party activist told Big League Politics that Beagle told state representative Candice Keller that Kasich’s help for Beagle led to Beagle’s traitorous decision. BLP has reached out to Keller for comment.

Here is what Representative Nino Vitale wrote on Facebook about the behind-the-scenes power plays that led to the killing of the pro-life legislation:

“The Heartbeat Bill Failed….Why?

Many of you publicly or privately asked me what happened yesterday and how this bill failed by one vote. Here’s some truth and some speculation on what I, and many others think occurred. As you know, I call them like I see them and after four years in government, well, it is not always what the press or the state house media report. Sometimes, there’s more to the story.

It passed the Ohio House by 61 votes, so there were no problems there. There were 4 or 5 Republicans that did vote against it and virtually all the Democrats voted to continue killing babies on the House side.

The bill lost by one Republican vote in the Senate. Why? The one vote, Republican Senator Beagle, has voted YES on this exact same bill before, so why all of a sudden does he vote no when it really counts? His public answer is that he didn’t want to override the Governor. I don’t buy that for a second. I think the truth is, the governor and establishment knew he was term limited and got a hold of him and made him promises well before the vote was ever taken to block this bill. In fact, Senator Beagle found himself without a job due to term limits, but now has been given a cushy, high paying job working in the Ohio Treasure department. Only loyal soldiers of the establishment get those appointments on the tax payer dime. Coincidence? I don’t think so.

Senator Beagle’s claim that he didn’t want to override the governor does not pass the smell test because he voted yes on two other bills yesterday that did override the governor. In fact, in one bill, he voted to increase the pay of all state legislators. So he’s willing to override the governor to give himself and his friends a pay raise, but not save the some 16,000 babies that will be killed in 2019 and every year thereafter in Ohio.

You can look up SB296 and you will see Senator Beagle voted yes to override the governor. (citation below)

Senator Beagle also overrode the governor on a gun bill yesterday. You can look up the vote on HB228 where Senator Beagle indeed vote YES to override the governor again! (citation below)

As you’ll recall back in 2016, Beagle ran on a ‘strong conservative leader’ platform in his TV ads. I for one am thankful he lost that bid and we now have Congressmen Davidson. I don’t mind differences in policy and beliefs, what I don’t like is legislators who play games with the public trust and lie. Say what you mean and mean what you say. I call that truth.

Lest I put all the blame on Sen. Beagle, Senator Kunze, another Republican, states on her web site, “As Chair of the Commission on Infant Mortality, Senator Kunze is passionate about helping the state reduce its infant death rate and see more of Ohio’s youngest citizens live to see their first birthday.” She voted NO on the Heartbeat bill as well. Ironic? (citation below)

As I stated above, I don’t mind honest policy disagreements, but where is the sense on voting yes on a bill several times, and then all of a sudden voting no. But don’t worry, Senator Beagle will be rewarded by the establishment class with his new high-paying appointment to the Treasurer’s office where the voters cannot touch him. I’m personally looking forward to the next time I run in to the soon former Senator Beagle.

So the bottom line is, most of the legislators in Columbus felt it was far more important to vote themselves in a pay raise, rather than try and save some 16,000 babies that will be killed in their mother’s wombs every year in Ohio.

If you are a pro-life voter, I’m not really sure what to tell you in terms of your vote. The Republican Party doesn’t seem to really support saving babies and ending abortion or they would have made sure this was passed and not put pressure on one of their own and flip his vote. And, Ohio Right to Life has fought against this bill from day one.

I find this behavior criminal, unjust and I apologize to you the voter. I hold the public trust in the highest esteem. How does one vote yes, then vote no on the same bill Senator Beagle? I am disgusted.”


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