Kathy Edmonston is a Verified Conservative…. Are Democrats Trying to Steal a Red District?

For Louisiana Patriots in the 88th House District, you can choose between a proven conservative fighter or one of two Democrats who switched parties to win an election.

Kathy Edmonston is the clear choice for any conservative. Her record shows that she’s more than just a Republican, she’s a champion. She is a member of the Louisiana Freedom Caucus and can always be counted on to fight for conservative, Louisiana First priorities. 

Edmonston was a champion of medical privacy and opposed vaccine mandates, lockdowns and other coercive “public health measures” being pushed by the state government. 

She introduced vaccine transparency legislation, House Bill 47, which was key medical freedom legislation and her top priority of the 2022 legislative session. This bill would have required any Louisiana school or daycare to offer plenary exemptions to any vaccine requirement. 

On top of that, it stipulated that the students’ right to be exempt from vaccinations be included, in writing, with respect to any communication sent to students or their guardians with respect to immunization requirements. 

Sadly, RINO Senate President Paige Cortez killed this legislation on the full Senate floor. Nevertheless, Edmonston is continuing to fight for medical privacy and plans to introduce it again in her following term. 

Edmonston has fought legislation to stop Critical Race Theory — AKA anti-white hate – from infesting public schools in addition to supporting fiscally conservative measures and legislation to protect the unborn. 

Edmonston is facing off against Willie Robinson and  Donald Schexnaydre in the Republican primary. Grassroots journalists have informed BLP that both candidates were card-carrying Democrats. According to research from grassroots conservatives, Schexnaydre made a party switch from Democrat to Republican just a month ago. Such a switch on short notice should concern voters. They didn’t leave the Democrats when they burned cities, when they stole elections, when they shut down businesses, schools, or churches.  They didn’t leave the Democrats when they put California liberals above Louisiana Conservatives. They left the Democrats when it became politically inconvenient to be a Democrat. After all, politics across the US is filled with political opportunists who move in a politically expedient manner, totally bereft of firm political principles.

Schexnaydre is an anti-cop extremist. Despite previously declaring in an announcement for the “Pelican Post”, that “Without Public Safety, police and fire protection, no community can thrive”, Schexnaydre voted to abolish the Sorrento Police Department. By contrast, Edmonston has authored and co-authored several bills to guarantee that law enforcement officers and all  first responders are adequately compensated for maintaining public order. 

Robinson doesn’t have much of a track record other than his long history as a Democrat. That said, his switch to Democrat for political convenience should disqualify him against a proven conservative stalwart such as Edmonston.

Edmonston was first elected in 2019, and has been a champion for conservative policy in her time in office, and Louisiana freedom fighters need her to continue to fight for our values.

In these chaotic times, state legislatures need solid conservative leadership. Edmonston fits the bill here and then some, while her opponents simply can’t be trusted. At this juncture, pulling the lever for Edmonston in the 88th district during election day on October 14, 2023 is a no-brainer for any self-respecting conservative. 

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