Katie Hobbs Plans on Busing Illegal Aliens Out of Arizona

Arizona Governor Katie Hobbs plans to continue former Governor Doug Ducey’s program to bus illegal aliens out of the state. In contrast to her predecessor, Hobbs wants to bus these illegal aliens in a way that’s more “efficient and humane.” 

“We just wanted to make sure that we were addressing this issue and, as I talked about many times in the campaign, in a way that was the best use of taxpayer resources and something that wasn’t a political stunt,” Hobbs said to The Arizona Republic. 

Starting in May 2022, Ducey bused illegal aliens out of Arizona. Hobbs has built upon this program by including a chartered air travel option, per an updated contract that was signed on January 14. According to The Post Millennial, north 3,000 illegal aliens were bused from Yuma to Washington DC during Ducey’s administration. 

 Ducey began busing the illegal migrants out of the state in May, and Hobbs has expanded the program to include an option of chartered air travel, according to an updated contract signed on January 14. Over 3,000 people were bused from the Yuma area to Washington DC during Ducey’s time in office. This program cost the state over $7 million.

In 2022, Republican lawmakers earmarked $15 million for the busing program.

A Yuma official recently warned  that the city is on the verge of collapse due to the large wave of illegal aliens arriving — the product of the Biden regime’s open borders policies. 

Illegal alien border crossings reached record levels in December 2022, when they exceeded 250,000.

With respect to busing, Hobbs recently said to reporters: “We need to look at that practice and make sure it’s effective, [that] it’s something that supports local communities. If we’re spending the money to bus people, why not just get them to their final destination?”

Hobbs said to The Arizona Republic that her actions would lie in stark contrast from the measures Texas Governor Greg Abbott and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis have implemented. Both governors have transported migrants to Democratic-controlled cities to demonstrate the dangers of the Biden regime’s open policies. An updated contract scrapped the requirement that buses transporting illegal aliens must be sent to Washington, DC.

Migrant busing to major, Democratic cities have been a hot button issue over the past few months. In 2022, Washington, DC’s Mayor Muriel Bowser issued a public emergency connected to illegal aliens migrants being bused to the nation’s capital. New York City Mayor Eric Adams declared that the city has no more space for illegal aliens despite being a “sanctuary city” for illegal alien invaders, and demanded that the federal government resolve this crisis.

Hobbs added, “We’re interested in focusing on the humanitarian aspects of this and just putting people on a bus as a political stunt and sending them to Martha’s Vineyard or wherever they went is not providing any help or any solution to the actual issue.”

What Hobbs is doing here with the busing scheme is to take the hot potato issue of illegal immigration off Arizona’s hands and accelerate the Great Replacement in other states. America has to get its border under control if it wants to continue existing as a viable nation state.  There’s no other way to slice it.

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