Kavanaugh Accuser Wants to Dictate Which Media Outlets Cover Hearing

In a Tuesday email sent to the Republicans on the Senate Judiciary Committee, the attorney for Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh’s accuser is making demands about which media outlets cover the Thursday hearing.

“[Attorney] Michael Bromwich¬†said in emails sent Tuesday afternoon that he was requesting access for three ‘robocams,’ three specific wire services, photographers from the Associated Press, Reuters and one unspecified service, and a pool reporter for newspapers and magazines. In a follow-up email he specified that the robocams should be operated by ‘the CSPAN TV pool,’ and said he also wanted space for a radio reporter,” according to a report.

The Washington Times¬†reported that negotiations between the Committee and Ford’s attorney were “tense.”

“While committees sometimes limit press based on space at hearings, and some witnesses have arranged to have their identities shielded, longtime Capitol Hill watchers struggled to think of precedent for a witness dictating terms of press coverage,” according to the report.

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