Keith Ellison Is Descended From Slave Master

Keith Ellison, Facebook

Democrat Minnesota attorney general Keith Ellison is descended from a slave master. (READ: Slave Registers Name The Slaves Kamala Harris’ Ancestor Owned).

Ellison wrote in his book My County ‘Tis of Thee:

“A distant ancestor of my mother, Augustin Metoyer, the patriarch of a set of interrelated families who populated the area hundreds of years ago, built the Saint Augustine Catholic Church, in Melrose, around 1829. His portrait hangs in Saint Augustine Church to this day.

My mother’s father, Frank Martinez, was the product of a Spanish father (from Seville) and a black mother. People often mistook him for something other than black. My mother’s mother, Doris Balthazar Martinez, was the distant granddaughter of a French merchant, Thomas Pierre Metoyer, and Marie Therese, known as Coincoin (pronounced “ko-kwe”), a slave. Metoyer freed Coincoin and gave her several acres. My mother was born on one of those plots of land.”

Ellison’s book passage ends

Here is the story of Coincoin’s release, according to 64 Parishes, which reports that she was freed by Metoyer after having an affair with the slave owner:

“In 1767, Coincoin’s new mistress (and godmother) rented her to a French bachelor, Pierre Claude Thomas Metoyer, by whom she bore another ten children. Prosecuted for these pregnancies by the parish priest, who branded her a “public prostitute,” she was sentenced to the lash and public humiliation. In the wake of this punishment, which was not exacted upon the man she sexually served, Metoyer bought her freedom. When he eventually set her aside for a legal wife, he deeded her his unpatented interest in a small tract of sixty-seven acres, as an economic start for her and their younger, free-born children.”

64 Parishes passage ends

An Ellison family member named Zachary Metoyer was recently accused of harassing Ellison’s domestic violence accuser.

Ellison, a Muslim, is currently rocked by scandal for his association with a Portland ANTIFA leader. The left-wing network ANTIFA viciously beat journalist Andy Ngo, prompting worldwide condemnation from right-thinking people.

Ellison’s friendship with Portland ANTIFA leader Luis Enrique Marquez is coming under intense scrutiny. Ellison was recently photographed with Marquez.

Andy Ngo’s own reporting reveals that Marquez identified Ngo in the crowd at a March left-wing rally and profanely harassed him in front of his Antifa comrades, prompting police intervention. Footage of Marquez’s confrontation of Ngo is presented below.

Antifa’s attack on Ngo days ago was premeditated, with Ngo revealing in advance that Antifa was already planning to find him in the crowd and attack him.

Ellison deleted his infamous tweet in which he took a selfie of himself with the Antifa Handbook, which he said would “strike fear in the heart” of President Donald Trump.

Here is Ngo’s run-in with Marquez in Portland in March:

Here is Keith Ellison’s selfie with the Antifa Handbook, which he deleted from Twitter.

Laura Loomer reported exclusively for Big League Politics in November 2018:

On the heels of an unprecedented Minneapolis Police press conference this week in which officers warned citizens to not vote for Keith Ellison, photographs obtained by Big League Politics contributor Laura Loomer show Ellison and Luis Enrique Marquez, a notorious leader of the Portland ANTIFA who has a criminal record and has carried the Communist flag.

Ellison’s support of ANTIFA is no secret, but as a candidate for Attorney General, his relationship with a violent member of ANTIFA, which has been designated as a domestic terrorist organization by the US Department of State, is concerning.

As a result of his criminal actions as the leader of Portland ANTIFA, Luis Enrique Marquez was booked into the Multonomah County Jail and Conditionally released June 30, 2018 having been charged with two counts of theft (one 2nd degree and one 3rd degree) and 3rd degree assault per Jail Employee ID 93275.

“City and federal law enforcement officers arrested nine people in downtown Portland Saturday during competing rallies that law enforcement officials ultimately declared a riot due to violence. Portland’s Rose City Antifa and Vancouver’s Patriot Prayer were the primary groups involved,” the Portland Patch reported in June. 

Luis Enrique Marquez was one of those nine people arrested in what police described as violent protests.

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