Keith Olbermann Demands Twitter Ban Tucker Carlson

Left-wing fanatic Keith Olbermann demanded that Twitter ban Tucker Carlson from the service in a Wednesday tweet.

Olbermann was incensed over Tucker’s coverage of a left-wing New York Times journalist who claims that criticism of her work amounts to “harassment” and violence. Olbermann also demanded a ban of the Federalist’s Sean Davis.

Tucker rarely even uses Twitter, but Olbermann apparently believes his Twitter presence amounts to “stochastic terrorism.”

Olbermann previously demanded that President Donald Trump receive the “death penalty,” holding him responsible for the coronavirus disease which has spread throughout the entire world from China. Olbermann’s one of the few establishment media figures who is too extreme to hold down a fixture at a legacy corporate news network, instead being limited to regular furious YouTube and Twitter screeds.

There’s a serious case for actually banning Olbermann from social media, with the former MSNBC host regularly making calls to violence and death threats against conservatives. Olbermann has never received so much as an infraction for threatening the lives of Republicans.

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