Kelli Ward and Family Send Their Message To Veterans

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Arizona 2018 Senate candidate Dr. Kelli Ward and her husband Colonel Michael Ward and their children sent their well wishes to the veterans of America on this very important weekend, when people of all stripes come together to salute our armed forces.

Dr. Ward ran a strong conservative primary campaign in 2018, attracting national support from President Trump’s conservative base, particularly among Arizonans who had served in the military or knew those who had. The military is now a central component of U.S. border patrol strategy in Arizona.

Cassandra Fairbanks interviewed Dr. Ward when Jeff Flake dropped out of his re-election race due to the conservative pressure from Dr. Ward:

Dr. Kelli Ward of Arizona, candidate for U.S. Senate, is calling “Arizona voters” the big winners in “Never-Trump” Sen. Jeff Flake’s decision not to seek re-election.

“Arizona voters are the big winner in Jeff Flake’s decision to not seek re-election. They deserve a strong conservative in the U.S. Senate who supports President Trump and the ‘America First’ agenda. Our campaign proudly offers an optimistic path forward for Arizona and America,” Ward said in a statement provided to Big League Politics.

Flake has been opposing Trump at every turn — to the joy of liberals everywhere.

Ward, who was set to challenge Flake, shares the same vision for America that the people chose when they elected our president on Nov. 8.

“My agenda, pre-Trump, is the same agenda post-Trump. I am so glad that we have a president in the White House who wants to accomplish the things that the people of the state of Arizona, and people around this country, want to accomplish,” Ward told Big League in a previous interview. “I will be focused on things like border security, stopping illegal immigration, stopping rewarding people who came here illegally, and repealing Obamacare. I will be making sure the tax code is corrected, fair, and stimulates the economy’s growth — as well as making sure that America is energy independent. Those are things I have been fighting for since the first time I ran for the Arizona State Senate, trying to affect those things at the state level, and they are things that have been consistent even in my pre-political life.”

Dr. Ward is a military wife of a colonel who has served 32 years in the Air Force, mother of three and former Arizona State Senator. While she served her term in Senate, she still managed to continuing practicing medicine in hospital emergency departments.

“They have a goal, their goal is to stop Donald Trump. My goal is to support Donald Trump and his agenda so we can make America great again,” Ward told Big League Politics.


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