Kellyanne Conway’s Husband Joins GOP Establishment Effort to Hand America Over to the Democrats in 2020

George Conway, husband of White House Counselor Kellyanne Conway, has announced a project that aims to sabotage President Trump’s chances at re-election in 2020, and give the country back to the Democrats.

Conway is allying with anti-Trump GOP operatives such as Steve Schmidt, John Weaver and Rick Wilson on “The Lincoln Project.” They made the announcement of their sabotage campaign against the President in a joint op/ed published by the New York Times on Tuesday.

They wrote:

Patriotism and the survival of our nation in the face of the crimes, corruption and corrosive nature of Donald Trump are a higher calling than mere politics. As Americans, we must stem the damage he and his followers are doing to the rule of law, the Constitution and the American character.

That’s why we are announcing the Lincoln Project, an effort to highlight our country’s story and values, and its people’s sacrifices and obligations. This effort transcends partisanship and is dedicated to nothing less than preservation of the principles that so many have fought for, on battlefields far from home and within their own communities.

This effort asks all Americans of all places, creeds and ways of life to join in the seminal task of our generation: restoring to this nation leadership and governance that respects the rule of law, recognizes the dignity of all people and defends the Constitution and American values at home and abroad.

Over these next 11 months, our efforts will be dedicated to defeating President Trump and Trumpism at the ballot box and to elect those patriots who will hold the line.

To these individuals with severe Trump derangement syndrome, it is patriotic to elect Democrats who openly pine to eviscerate the Bill of Rights toward their end goal of totalitarian socialism.

Political commentator Zaid Jilani noted that these “Lincoln Project” operatives are motivated by greed, spite and power, not love of country.

Conway has emerged as a particularly belligerent and abrasive opponent of the administration, going out of his way to disrespect his wife. He even took a personal shot at her earlier this month.

The White House has explained that Conway’s objections to the President are sour grapes. They have claimed the Conway was rejected for a job that be pined for within the administration:

Regardless of his motives, Conway has emerged as one of the most classless individuals in modern politics. This grotesque figure is a living reminder that the Washington D.C. swamp enables the worst of the worst to thrive.

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