Kenosha Man Shot While Resisting Arrest Was Wanted on Felony Sex Crime Charge, Has Extensive Criminal History

The Kenosha, Wisconsin man who was shot in an officer-involved shooting on Sunday has a lengthy criminal history, and it appears that he was wanted by authorities on various arrest warrants, one of them for a felony sex crime, when he was shot by Kenosha police.

Jacob Blake was shot while resisting arrest on Sunday. Video of the event shows Blake walking away from a police officer and opening his car door. A police officer shoots him multiple times when it appears he’s retrieving an object, conceivably a weapon.

A Kenosha County judge approved an arrest warrant for Blake last month, on the basis of three criminal charges filed against him by the District Attorney. It appears that Blake is currently wanted on the felony charge of 3rd degree sexual assault, domestic abuse, criminal trespassing, and domestic assault.

Initial reports had indicated that Blake had been merely “breaking up a fight” before the shooting incident, but it’s more probable that the Kenosha police were executing the warrant for his arrest.

Blake was been booked into the Racine County Jail on two occasions in 2015 and 2016, with both incidents involving separate sets of criminal charges. He was most recently booked into jail on charges of domestic strangulation, battery, felony bail jumping and disorderly conduct in 2016.

A charging document from 2015 alleged that Blake pulled a gun during a bar fight, only for the magazine to fall out. The Racine County Eye reported upon attempts of the Racine Police to apprehend Blake with the use of a K9 dog.

This guy was a repeat felon wanted on sex crimes charges. It’s not that surprising that the police feared he was reaching for a weapon when he resisted arrest.

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