Kenosha, Wisconsin Riots Inflicted $50 Million of Damages On Community, 56 Businesses Damaged

Initial reports of the damages inflicted on Kenosha, Wisconsin by last month’s Black Lives Matter riots indicate that more than $50 million of property damage occurred during the events. The Wall Street Journal has reports that the damages were assessed

The hardest-hit business from the mass criminal activity was a car dealership, where rioters attacked and burned dozens of cars displayed for sale in a lot. Rows of vehicles were burned and destroyed by criminal rioters.

The Danish Brotherhood Lodge, a community organization commemorating the Scandinavian heritage of many inhabitants of Wisconsin and the Kenosha heritage, was also curiously targeted by the rioters. The Lodge was entirely destroyed, with members of the organization combing through the rubble hoping to find documents and items that hadn’t been destroyed.

The riots were sparked after the shooting of Jacob Blake, a sexual assault fugitive who resisted arrest with a knife when Kenosha police sought to apprehend him. Blake was shot four times on camera, and the local community rose up in riots almost immediately in response.

The damages to Kenosha appear to have occurred in a swift fashion, approaching the damages done in Minneapolis in a far shorter timeframe. The destruction largely came to an end after a shooting incident in which two rioters were killed by 17-year old militia member Kyle Rittenhouse, who maintains that he was acting in self defense.

Minneapolis has already begun a lobbying campaign, seeking more than $50 million in bailout funds from the federal government to repair damages inflicted on the community from the Floyd riots.

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