Kent State Professor Says Conservative Student Kaitlin Bennett ‘Does Not Belong’ To Her School

Kent State University student activist Kaitlin Bennett was attacked by a professor at her own university, who said on Facebook that she “does NOT belong to Kent State.”

Bennett staged a pro-gun demonstration on campus which was greeted by left-wing anti-gun protesters.

Here is the assistant professor of political science Gabriella Paar-Jakli condemning the Kent State student conservative:

Bennett, who writes for Liberty Hangout, was unfazed by the professor’s exclusionary attack.

“I think it’s sickening that a professor would make a comment like that on a student’s social media,” Bennett told Big League Politics, firing back at the hateful faculty member.

“And along with that, I think it’s disturbing that a professor would tell a Second Amendment activist who wants everyone to practice their right to bear arms that she doesn’t belong to the college. We have always known the liberal bias these professors have, but it’s crazy how they’re not even trying to hide it,” Bennett said.

A message left for the assistant political science professor was not returned as of press time.

Bennett was previously the top activist nationally for the student conservative group Turning Point USA, but quit the organization when they failed to defend her from criticism for her creative student protests, including having a student dress up in a diaper to emulate a “Safe Space.” Bennett also found fault with Turning Point’s strong neoconservative leanings. The group’s leader Charlie Kirk recently said that neocon Nikki Haley would make a good choice to succeed President Donald Trump. Turning Point is a powerful organization on the Right (and I recently spoke to a Turning Point chapter about alternative media, and am grateful for the opportunity), so agree or disagree with her, she clearly has balls.

Here is Big League Politics’ interview with Bennett following her resignation from Turning Point:


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