Kentucky Congressman Thomas Massie Calls For All Elected Officials To Disclose Their Citizenship Status

Kentucky Congressman Thomas Massie’s victory in the Republican primaries on May 21, 2024 dealt a significant blow against the Israel First lobby as the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) dropped over $400,000 in negative advertising to derail Massie’s campaign. 

These efforts proved to be futile with Massie cruising to victory. Now, Massie is pushing the envelope by calling for elected officials who obtain and keep citizenship in foreign countries to disclose all of their citizenship details. In a post that he published on X, Massie declared, “If we are going to continue to allow U.S. Congressmen to acquire and retain citizenship in other countries, they should at least be required to disclose all countries of which they consider themselves to be citizens.”

Massie has long criticized politicians, especially those who have fanatically pro-Zionist views of having dual loyalty. Such sentiments reflect a growing discontent among younger right-wing electoral constituencies who have grown tired of the Zionist pandering the GOP establishment engages in. 

This constituency became increasingly incensed when news recently came out that Republican Congressmen, Guy Reschenthaler and Max Miller, introduced legislation that would grant the same employment and economic benefits to Americans who serve in the Israeli military as American citizens who are deployed to serve in the US military.

Some of these benefits include protections against foreclosure and repossession of rental properties, lowering of interest rates on loans taken out prior to their service, safeguards from default judgements in legal cases, and the granting of employment rights and benefits that US veterans generally receive.

Per a report by the Washington Post, roughly 23,380 American citizens are fighting under the Israeli banner. Since the punitive military campaign Israel launched against Gaza for Hamas’ October 7 attack, Israeli forces have killed over 36,000 Palestinians. 

21 Americans who are serving in Israeli military forces have been reported to have been killed. 

Massie raises some valid concerns with his tweet. The fact of the matter is that politicians with multiple citizenship will be serving multiple masters, which often goes against the interests of the Historic American Nation. 

Additionally, when a conflict breaks out, Americans with multiple citizenships who are belligerents in a conflict zone could potentially put the US into a direct conflict that is not in its national interest. 

Massie’s comment should open up serious conversations about the need to ban multiple citizenships and the need to extricate the US from suboptimal entanglements like the one it has with Israel. 

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