Kentucky Republican House Candidate Ed Massey is Exposed For Supporting Democrats

Is Kentucky Republican candidate Ed Massey concealing a past field with leftist behavior?

Tj Roberts, the liberty conservative candidate for Kentucky House District 66, recently disseminated campaign material exposing some troubling facets of Massey’s political behavior. 

In one attack ad, Massey was revealed to have donated to the presidential campaign of failed candidate Hillary Clinton. The ad read as follows: “Ed Massey says he is a Republican… but has only ever donated to Democrats for federal office including Hillary Clinton” 

Massey has appeared to have caught a nasty case of Trump Derangement Syndrome during the administration of former President Donald Trump. 

On June 15, 2018, Massey shared a Facebook post published by former Georgia Congressman John Lewis where he highlighted an effort to block the entrance to Customs & Border Protection’s headquarters. Lewis was in attendance with several activists in this incident, which he highlighted in the Facebook post as read below: 

We blocked the entrance to Customs & Border Protection HQ, we blocked a major street, yet the police refused to arrest us—but they arrest parents legally seeking asylum in the U.S. and take their children and babies from them. This is a shame, a disgrace, and an outrage. #goodtrouble”

Massey shared another post by the U.S. Democratic Socialists, where the leftist account poked fun of Trump for not having a dog. The post read as follows:

Trump is the first president since 1897 to not have a dog. That tells you everything you need to know about the dude.

Undeniably, Massey had a clear case of TDS here. Now, he thinks he can dupe voters in Kentucky HD 66. The good news is that TJ Roberts is a pro-liberty conservative who not only has a solid platform on key issues ranging from monetary freedom to the right to bear arms, but he’s also willing to push back against bad-faith political actors. 

On May 21, 2024, HD 66 voters can send a resounding message that stands in opposition to unhinged political candidates by voting for TJ Roberts.  The last thing Kentucky needs is an emotionally unstable candidate that has a suspicious political track record. 


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