Kentucky’s Thomas Massie Defeats Establishment-Backed Primary Challenger

Kentucky Republican Congressman Thomas Massie easily defeated a primary challenger on Tuesday, blowing out establishment-backed Todd McMurtry by an overwhelming margin of 88% to 12% with 73% of precincts in the Bluegrass State’s 4th Congressional District.

Massie declared victory at around 9:30PM local time, his considerable margin of victory perhaps sending a message to establishment elements that dislodging him would be far more difficult than they had imagined.

Massie hails from the libertarian wing of the Republican Party, although he’s known for representing the right wing of the political category’s ideological spectrum. A longtime crusader against the Deep State and the warmongering foreign policy D.C. elite, Massie attracted the well-funded primary challenger, who had frequently accused the MIT graduate and engineer of “racism.”

Massie, an ally of Senator Rand Paul, is known for finding himself on President Trump’s bad side, although for causes many conservatives might be sympathetic with. Massie called for a roll call vote on the coronavirus stimulus package that doled out billions of dollars to massive corporations seeking to socialize their losses from the recession after privatizing their gains.

Massie continues to support President Donald Trump and the America First agenda, almost singlehandedly shutting down administration ultrahawks such as John Bolton who have sought to instigate new Middle East wars.


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