Naval Academy Midshipman Convicted of Three Sex Crimes, Sentenced to 25 Years in Prison

A midshipman at the U.S Naval Academy was sentenced on two counts of sexual assault, attempted sexual assault, burglary and obstruction of justice Wednesday, crimes that occurred in 2018 and 2019 and which targeted female classmates at the Naval Academy.

Midshipman Nixon Keago was sentenced to 25 years confinement, which will likely be served within the federal prison system. The Naval Academy student was dismissed from the US Navy and ordered to repay wages.

Keago had been convicted of the crimes last month in a Navy court martial. His sentencing was delayed after he tested positive for coronavirus.

A psychologist who testified in the trial proceedings emphasized that she believes Keago has a “low rehabilitation potential.” The midshipman was convicted of one attempted home invasion sexual assault after being initially charged with sex crimes, suggesting a psychological propensity to commit the crimes.

Keago was convicted and sentenced in the military criminal justice system, which differs considerably from the civilian court system. Navy prosecutor Lt. Cmdr. Chris Cox had sought a sentence of 40 years for Keago, citing psychological analysis that suggested he’d be likely to re-offend, and arguing that confinement is the only way to prevent the now-dismissed service member from reoffending. Keago’s defense had sought a sentence of only 5 years.

Prosecutors convicted Keago of breaking into the rooms of three female midshipmen who were intoxicated, and sexually assaulting them when they were asleep. He attempted the same crime against a third victim.

Keago recounted during the trial immigrating to the United States from Kenya as a child. He previously served as an enlisted US Marine before being admitted to the Naval Academy.

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