Kevin McCarthy: Nancy Pelosi “Doesn’t Have the Votes” To Stay On as House Speaker

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy claimed that Democrat Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi no longer has the votes required to remain in her position on Tuesday.

McCarthy made the claim in an appearance with Fox News’ Maria Bartiromo. He cited the reduced size of the Democratic caucus in the House and the previous votes of ten Democrats against Pelosi’s speakership.

If those 10 vote against her again, she will not be speaker of the House, because she won’t have 218 because of the gains of the Republicans. We are close enough now that we can control the floor with a few Democrats joining with us.

The 80-year old Pelosi has served in the House of Representatives since 1987, and previously served as Speaker from 2007 to 2011. Some Democrats have grown increasingly skeptical of her leadership of the House caucus, especially after the Democratic Party radically underperformed its expectations, losing six seats and trimming its majority in the chamber to a mere ten seats. Republicans won 28 of the 29 most contested House elections in the country.

Career politician Steny Hoyer would presumably be the next Democrat in line to reign as Speaker, but many Democrats may be uninclined to go with a classic establishment Democrat, who so happens to be a white male as the leader of a “diverse” party.

Pelosi appears determined to continue on as speaker, despite decreasing support for her leadership among her own caucus. A centrist Democrat accused her progressive colleagues of jeopardizing the leftist party’s electoral prospects in a post-election conference call, demanding that the Democratic Party drop references to abolishing the police and democratic socialism.

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