Key to absolute Power: Brand EVERYONE that you disagree with as a ‘Terrorist”.

Wow, THAT was easy.

Canada has apparently beaten us to the punch.

The preemptive destruction of freedom of speech appears to be justified today by any threat of “domestic extremism”. There were only two mini-protests allowed on Inauguration Day last year, each with 100 or fewer participants.

DC Bowser stated that the city has a special responsibility to ensure a peaceful transition: “We have a responsibility to ensure a peaceful transition of power in our country.” Four years after screaming that Trump was Hitler, Biden took power with a display of military force and suppression of dissent that resembled a Soviet inauguration parade more than a traditional American inauguration.

 The swearing in was watched by a handful of Washington elites instead of the usual throng of Washington citizens. On that day, Biden spoke to 190,000 flags surrounded by intimidating fences instead of a live audience.

Pelosi kept the fence and the National Guard long after there was no realistic threat to the Capitol-much the same way Truduea kept the Emergency Powers AFTER the truckers’ convoy was dispersed. These menacing trappings may have been designed to help Biden prove that he needed a new domestic terrorism law to prevent Trump supporters from conquering Washington, D.C. 

Perhaps he can incorporate an outreach that includes branding anyone who helps a “terrorist” as the same, including gas station clerks and waitress that serve lunch. Nah, that would be too ridiculous.

If If Congress can fence out the American people any time there is a rumor of protest, will school boards follow suit and place barbed wire around their buildings prior to meetings? By doing so, the Biden-FBI effort to label parents’ complaints about school board members as terrorist threats would gain a boost.

The Capitol Police can get a detachment of bayonets and barbed wire to escort members of Congress to their districts and keep constituents away from them during public meetings. After all, nothing says “Freedom” like secret meetings and “under-the-cover-of darkness” negotiations.

 In addition, Capitol Police plans to set up “branch offices” in California and Florida (and, presumably, in Ottawa), and their activities outside of  DC will be secret thanks to their exemption from the Freedom of Information Act that applies ONLY to other federal law enforcement agencies.

Folks, this is bad-secret police that are not under public scrutiny is one of the hallmarks of EVERY dictatorship in recent memory.

After the harrowing example of Canada, it is particularly unwise to tolerate protests on Capitol Hill. Justin Trudeau declared martial law when angry truckers descended on Ottawa and honked their horns.

The Post described the subsequent police crackdown as “largely restrained,” despite using pepper spray, stun grenades and “other anti-riot weapons” on peaceful protestors.

In videos, police horses plow into crowds and knock people down, cops brutally beat protestors, and cops threaten to arrest a lady from Alberta who merely wanted a cup of coffee. Trudeau’s lackeys have warned that the government will hound and financially cripple or destroy anyone involved (including their pets) in the protest.   

It will happen here — especially since much of the American media despises anti-Biden protestors. According to a poll, 65% of likely Democratic voters supported Trudeau’s brutal suppression of the trucker protest.

In the aftermath of Biden’s election, policies that were considered authoritarian prior to his election are now welcomed by many voters-who feared that Trump was lurking in the shadows and getting ready to unleash an onslaught of mean tweets.

Members of Congress may find comfort in a high fence that keeps angry Americans from their cherished territory. While Congress can duck protests on Monday, a lot of its members will be disqualified on Nov. 8, when the midterm elections take place.

The French Aristocracy never saw it coming, either.

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