Kid Rock Is Getting Good Earned Media For A Future Senate Campaign

Rock star Kid Rock is getting wide headline exposure for his political commentary, which could see a U.S. Senate campaign for him in the near future. Rock’s strongly worded criticism of “The View” host Joy Behar has been covered prominently in the mainstream press, which allows Rock to overcome the hurdle so many candidates face starting out: getting their name out there.

Rock pulled out of Michigan Senate speculation this year after leading a poll 30-26 over Debbie Stabenow during a hopeful moment for the Republican Party, which eventually turned its back on most or all of its populist candidates and needed Trump to carry them to many of their victories.

Rock, who campaigned with Don Jr. in the midterm, probably could be a Senator-elect right now. Big League Politics was tuned in closely to the developments in the Rock exploratory effort in the Stabenow race.

Rock joined President Trump for the president’s signing of the Music Modernization Act, which Rock says provides protections for the many below-the-line crew members that work in the recording industry.

Here was prospective candidate Kid Rock’s first quasi-campaign speech of 2018, which points to optimistic things for his political future.



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