Kid Who Licked Toilet for Social Media Challenge is Diagnosed with Chinese Coronavirus

A young man who licked a toilet for the coronavirus challenge, a dangerous social media stunt that has gone viral in recent days, has announced that he has been diagnosed with the disease.

This has gone viral among young people as they are quarantined in their homes to stop the spread of coronavirus.

The Miami Herald has traced the challenge back to model and social media influencer Ava Louise, who initially posted the video on her Instagram account:

Instagram model Ava Louise took some heat this week because of a stunt she pulled on a flight to Miami on Friday.

The Rutgers University student is the social media enemy du jour after posting a video of her licking a toilet seat, as part of a “coronavirus challenge.”

In the clip, the New Jersey native, wearing sunglasses on her head, leans down, licks the seat generously as it if were ice cream, then gives the peace sign.

The “Skinny Legend Anthem” singer first gained fame after appearing on “The Dr Phil Show” twice telling her “not to hot” tale about how she used to be overweight and bullied but is now a “magical creature.”

“Please [repost] this so people can know how to properly be sanitary on the airplane,” read Louise’s caption.

The backlash was almost immediate. Even “The View’s” Meghan McCain blasted Louise and Tweeted that she should be put in jail.

But the 21 year old is “unbothered” as she wrote on Insta. Louise told the Miami Herald that people are “bugging” and that she was at no risk of catching COVID-19.

“I trolled America,” she said. “Like, it was a clean toilet seat. On a sugar daddy’s plane.”

Louise, who is in Miami for an indefinite amount of time on vacation, says she is feeling perfectly healthy.

Medical professionals have urged young people not to participate in this fad.

“If these people (doing the challenge) are infected, they will leave virus on the surfaces they have licked, potentially infecting others. If the infected person subsequently dies, this means this bizarre behavior could result in death of an innocent person,” said Dr John Campbell, a former nurse.

“If they are not infected, the virus may be contracted from potentially contaminated surfaces. This means the individual can contract the disease themselves. In addition they could spread the disease they have contracted and infect other people, some of whom may go on to die,” he added.

“It is highly irresponsible for people to put their own health and the health of those around them on the line for no other reason than a pointless internet ‘challenge,'” said Nikki Kanani, who works as Medical Director of Primary Care in Britain.

This trend will hopefully fall by the wayside as the coronavirus pandemic continues to pick up throughout the world.

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