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‘Kill Kavanaugh’ Trends on Twitter



If you are to start typing any word that begins with “ki” into Twitter’s search function, it returns a stunning result at the top of the suggested searches: “#KillKavanaugh.”

“KillKavanaugh” is also currently the third autocompleted suggestion in searches for “ki” and the fourth suggestion when you simply search “k”.

You read that correctly – by typing a single letter into the search feature, Twitter makes the suggestion that the platform’s users may be interested in a hashtag about the murder of a federal judge and President Donald Trump’s nominee for the Supreme Court.

The search suggestion was first spotted by Instapundit on Sunday and has been confirmed by Big League Politics Monday to still be present when you type in “#ki”:

Trending: VIDEO: Mazie Hirono Rocked By Scandal For Covering Up Sexist Harassment tweeted Sunday: “So the first autofill on is . , how is this happening.”

Many tweets that are currently still visible are critical not only of the hashtag itself, but also of Twitter’s double standards, tweets are still circulating that use the hashtag uncritically and unironically.

Many of these tweets were still visible on Monday, with Twitter ignoring them completely and with the accounts connected to the tweets going unpunished by Twitter despite the fact that several users say they are reporting the tweets as violent.

For example, WomenSportsFilmFest (@womensportsfilm) is using the hashtag and has been since this post from September 28th. Even though several have reported the tweet itself and the account using the hashtag, the tweet remains public with no repercussions.

“Kick ass panel discussion – perfect anecdote to

Some may say that some of these tweets are calling for the nomination to be “killed” and not directed at killing Kavanaugh in a literal sense, but refusing to take action against these tweets at all is still an example of Twitter’s double standards: this is the platform that has silenced James Woods for tweeting a meme about soy boys that CEO Jack Dorsey argues could “impact an election.” Double standard much Jack??

Twitter user Oak-town Unfiltered/Research… (@hrtablaze) quote tweeted Twitter Safety on Sunday calling Twitter out on their double standards: “Dehumanizing speech ? What a joke. We all know you will only enforce this on Conservatives and not liberals. They can call us every name in the book and nothing happens. Calling someone a racist or a bigot or a nazi is dehumanizing but you allow it to happen anyway.”

Another Twitter user, Kathleen (@Calibamawife) also called Twitter out on their double standards: “What a bunch of garbage. You allow to autofill & trend. Yeah… you care about safety, we can all see that. I reported 3 accounts with scary tweets under this h/t 36 hours ago, yet all 3 accounts are still active & tweets not removed. much?”

In the past, Twitter has either been sluggish or completely unwilling to address abusive or violent tweets when directed at Republicans or conservatives. Remember earlier this year when the daughters of Islam critic Pamela Geller were bombarded with abuse, and Twitter did nothing?? Some of the abuse still remains on Twitter to this day, with those accounts remaining active and without having to delete the content. Usually, Twitter takes it a step further after a tweet has been reported and users find themselves being locked out of their accounts temporarily or permanently. In 2016, threats against sitting Republican senators were allowed to remain on the platform for weeks at a time. Remember #ShootRepublicans?

We do too.

In the meantime, Twitter continues to ban top conservative activists and commentators temporarily, and in some cases permanently, simply for posting facts that are unwelcome. This severely hampers the conservative grassroots’ movement ahead of the midterms.

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