Kim Iversen Resigns from The Hill’s “Rising” Due 

Last week, Kim Iversen, one of the hosts of The Hill’s “Rising” announced her resignation from the show. She claimed that she was blocked from participating in a recent interview with Dr. Anthony Fauci, the Biden regime’s main medical adviser.

Kim Iversen joined “Rising” back in 2021. The show has marketed itself as independent and trans-partisan in nature when it comes to its coverage of Washington affairs. 

Iversen took her independent brand and brought it to Rising. She discussed the Wuhan virus, Wuhan virus vaccines, the government’s response to the topic, and other issues such as foreign policy intervention abroad.

In a video she published on July 29, Iversen stressed that when she joined “Rising” she promised to maintain her independent views and not be muzzled by her higher ups.  

Zachary Stieber of Epoch Times noted that “Some of the segments made colleagues uncomfortable, but executives and producers never approached Iversen to shift her tone.”

According to Iversen, on the evening of July 24, she claimed she was informed about Fauci’s team asking the Rising producers who the hosts would be when Fauci made his appearance on the show. More importantly, Iversen was told that she would not be featured as a host due to the interview taking place earlier than her normal work time.  

Iversen was shocked by this news and demanded the producers talk with Fauci’s team and tell them she had to be featured in the interview. In the case that Fauci’s team canceled the interview, The Hill could produce an episode covering this news, per a proposal that Iversen put forward. 

Initially, an agreement appeared to have been reached. However, the show’s executive producer called Iversen the following morning.

“They had made the final decision not to approach Fauci’s team but to instead move forward with the interview without me. They wanted me to come on the show, record a couple of segments, and then ask me to leave so they could interview Fauci,” Iversen stated.

As Stieber observed, “During the actual interview, Fauci falsely said that he never recommended lockdowns over COVID-19.”

After this development, Iversen came to the conclusion that she could no longer work for The Hill due to the promises she made with her fan base.

“How could I say ‘it’s corporate media, but trust me,’” Iversen commented.

“That would make me a liar and that would put my reputation at risk because I made promises to the viewers. And so, because of all of this, I am no longer with ‘Rising,’” she continued.

Iversen plans on continuing her content production on her YouTube channel where she has 442 videos as of August 3, 2022. 

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