Kinzinger, Cheney Join Democrats in Railroading Censure of Rep. Paul Gosar

Two of the most notorious RINOs of the House of Representatives joined Congressional Democrats in ramming down a censure resolution of Arizona Rep. Paul Gosar, removing the America First Republican from his committees over a humorous animated video Gosar had shared online.

The censure vote passed in the House by a margin of 223-207, with one member voting present. Three members of Congress weren’t present for the vote. The vote strips Gosar of his membership on the House Oversight Committee and the House Natural Resources Committee.

The video in question featured Gosar combating Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Joe Biden. Gosar has emphasized the video wasn’t intended as advocacy of violence, and that the mainstream media and Democrats are exaggerating a supposed threat against themselves to distract against Biden’s disasterous governance.

Gosar has likened himself to Alexander Hamilton, the first member of Congress to face censure in the House of Representatives, following the vindictive targeting orchestrated by Nancy Pelosi.

The Wyoming Republican Party has officially voted to cease recognizing Liz Cheney as a member of the GOP, citing consistent allegiance and support of Democrats. Cheney is the daughter of infamous neocon warmonger Dick Cheney.

Cheney faces a stringent primary challenge, whereas Kinzinger has declined to run for reelection, facing insurmountable odds and the anger of betrayed constituents.

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