KNIFE CONTROL: UK Parliament Member Wants GPS Trackers In Cutlery

MP GPS Trackers In Knives

A conservative member of parliament is calling for the United Kingdom’s knife control measures to be taken to a new level with GPS trackers added to modern cutlery.

Scott Mann, a member of parliament representing North Cornwall, believes the United Kingdom needs a nationwide database of cutlery complete with GPS trackers embedded in every knife, allowing police to stop anyone carrying one.

According to Mann, “If you’re carrying [a knife] around you had better have a bloody good explanation,” while noting there could be exemptions for fishing.

The gun-free United Kingdom is currently experiencing a frightening surge in knife crime, and many politicians refuse to acknowledge that it appears to be unquestionably tied to the massive waves of migrant the island nation has received over the past decades.

Big League Politics reported last month:

According to figures from the London Metropolitan Police, 49 percent of knife crime is committed by teenagers. Even more revealing were numbers that indicated that three quarters of knife crime perpetrators were minorities.

This is part of a larger trend of failed government policies that are beginning to produce toxic social outcomes throughout the UK.

For a start, it doesn’t help that the UK has an expansive welfare state that is not very conducive to immigrant assimilation. One needn’t look further at the case of Sweden to see how welfare states incentivize socially destructive behavior among immigrant groups.

Rather than tackle the issues facing the nation, notorious London Mayer Sadiq Khan recently rolled his eyes during a debate on the out of control knife crime in the city only four years after exclaiming that he will do everything in his power to curb the out of control crimes rate.

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