Knife Crime is Out of Control in Sadiq Khan’s London

London continues its downward spiral under London Mayor Saddiq Khan’s leadership. Or lack thereof.

According to figures from the London Metropolitan Police, 49 percent of knife crime is committed by teenagers. Even more revealing were numbers that indicated that three quarters of knife crime perpetrators were minorities.

This is part of a larger trend of failed government policies that are beginning to produce toxic social outcomes throughout the UK.

For a start, it doesn’t help that the UK has an expansive welfare state that is not very conducive to immigrant assimilation. One needn’t look further at the case of Sweden to see how welfare states incentivize socially destructive behavior among immigrant groups.

It also doesn’t help that the UK doesn’t guarantee gun rights like our Second Amendment. After mass shootings in Hungerford, England, and Dunblane, Scotland, the political class in London has heavily restricted the ownership and usage of firearms in the country. With such restrictions on civilian firearm ownership, one would think that British officials would at least consider stepping up their law enforcement programs.

Sadly, elected officials like Sadiq Khan have treated Britain’s recent knife crime wave like a public health problem as opposed to a criminal problem. Mayor Khan has even ignored calls for a return to a law and order approach to policing.

London, and the rest of England, for that matter, desperately needs better policing. The Guardian recently exposed the UK’s growing knife crime epidemic:

“Police recorded 39,598 offences involving a knife or sharp instrument in the year to December 2017, a 22% increase compared with the previous year (32,468), and the highest number registered since comparable records started in 2010.”

Breitbart also provided a sobering view of London’s knife problem:

“London specifically experienced record high knife crime, increasing by 15 percent to a total of 14,987 blade offences — representing 38 percent of all knife crimes across England and Wales and averaging 41 knife crimes a day.”

Responding like a typical busybody politician, Sadiq Khan advocated for knife control as a response to knife attacks in London. On top of that, London is already the most surveilled city in the world, with approximately 51,000 cameras deployed to monitor its citizens.

London’s political class is clearly out of touch with reality and does not strike at the root of its crime problem. Until it starts considering tougher policing methods or measures that allow for law-abiding citizens to defend themselves, we can only expect crime to continue to increase.



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