KNOCKED OUT: Antifa Tries To Mess With Trump Supporters In Portland, Embarrass Themselves

Portland, Oregon is the alt-left’s heaven. There’s nowhere else in the world that wearing a Bernie Sanders T-shirt has a higher likelihood of resulting in a discount on your daily soy-latte. So to say that they hate President Donald Trump, and anyone who supports him is an understatement.

That’s why when conservative speaker Joey Gibson chose to launch his “Patriot Prayer” protests in recent years, he faced intense opposition. Gibson isn’t someone with highly contentious political opinions most places, but in the liberal safespace of Portland, his message of “God and Freedom” is considered coded Nazi language (Antifa literally thinks this).

Even Portland’s Mayor, Ted Wheeler has used his position of power to try to stop him. But he wasn’t successful in that, or pretty much anything else in life besides becoming Portland’s Mayor.

Joey Gibson’s now-famous Patriot Prayer events have now become a controversial staple in Portland, and other liberal cities in the Northwest. The most recent protest occurred Saturday, and it was seen by many as the most violent event yet, with Antifa coming out in force, throwing explosives, and violently assaulting everyone in sight.

This event became so violent that for the first time, the city of Portland pulled the permit held by Gibson. The permit being pulled was a direct response to the violent actions of Antifa protesters.

But in the face of Antifa violence, those on Joey Gibson’s side held their ground, fighting back to defend themselves. In the end, Antifa was left embarrassed, while police escorted Gibson and his supporters out of the area, which was largely beneficial for the Antifa protesters who had faced an embarrassing defeat.

Perhaps the best video to come from the incident is a man on Joey Gibson’s side, who identifies as a Proud Boy, knocking out a protester who attempted to attack him with a metal baton.

The man, wearing a black and yellow Fred Perry polo shirt, which has become the now-famous uniform of the Proud Boys, forced his attacker to the ground with one punch. After being knocked out, the Antifa supporter had to be carried away by a group of his fellow protesters.

Big League Politics reached out to Gavin McInnes, who founded the Proud Boys, whose only comment was “F#&k around and find out,” stating that Antifa “found out.”

There were other moments of violence, which resulted in multiple ambulances being sent to the scene. But all of the initiated violence appeared to come from Antifa, with Joey Gibson’s side seeming to only act in defense. Watching the footage made one thing clear, Joey Gibson’s side clearly won the battle presented in front of them.

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