ERROR OF THE DAY: Why Is Kobach Willing To Recuse Himself From Vote Count?

Kris Kobach made a strategic error in recusing himself from any vote counting authority in the state of Kansas as establishment Republicans agitate for a recount. Kobach has authority as Kansas Secretary of State to prevent vote count manipulation by Democrats or establishment Republicans, possibly working in concert.

Kobach is the clear winner in the Kansas Governor’s race, but establishment Jeff Colyer supporters are challenging the results, similar to the Ohio 12th District where defeated Democrats are trying to get a recount to take the election away from Trump-endorsed Republican winner Troy Balderson.

Kobach is getting big timed — as evidenced by his disastrous admission on CNN, which gave The New York Times a talking point, that he should recuse himself in all vote counting matters.

The New York Times gleefully reported: “Earlier in the evening, his opponent, Gov. Jeff Colyer, said that some local election officials had been provided incorrect information by Mr. Kobach that could suppress votes. “I’ll be happy to recuse myself,” Mr. Kobach, who oversees the state’s elections, said in an interview with CNN. Mr. Kobach, who has the endorsement of President Trump and has built a national reputation for warning of widespread vote fraud, suggested that his role in the Kansas count had been mostly symbolic anyway. The governor’s fiery recusal request, and Mr. Kobach’s pledge to comply, came after the nationally watched primary left the candidates separated by only 191 votes entering Thursday.”

Not a good move, Kobach campaign. You gave in to pressure from the mainstream media, which tried to accuse you of rigging votes because you led the Trump Voter Fraud Commission that Democrats and the media hated so much — they hated it because Democrats mostly benefit from reported cases of voter fraud, according to state records from across the United States. (Voter fraud was found in every state that refused to cooperate with Trump’s commission).

When you are running against an INCUMBENT governor you cannot give up the powers of your statewide office when the votes are getting counted by the establishment GOP!

This is similar to when Joe Lieberman blundered badly in the 2000 recount, seeming to actually work against Al Gore — potentially to set himself up for a 2004 top-of-the-ticket run.



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