Koch-Funded Daily Caller Smears Milo As ‘White Supremacist Type’ As It Partners With Facebook To Censor Other Sites

The Daily Caller, a conservative publication based in Washington, D.C., smeared bestselling world-renowned writer Milo Yiannopoulos as “white supremacist-type people” in a public bid to deflect left-wing media criticism from itself.

Tucker Carlson, who founded the site, is no longer affiliated with the Caller in any way, which is becoming abundantly clear. The globalist Charles Koch Foundation gave the Daily Caller News Foundation — a nonprofit that produces content for the ad-supported main site — $960,000 in the year 2017, according to a report. The News Foundation recently ran a strategic article headlined “Charles Koch And Allies Lay Out Plan For 2019 Spending.

The Caller is now actually partnered with Facebook to “fact check” supposedly false stories on Facebook for the Zuckerberg giant’s censorship efforts. That puts the Caller in a position to flag stories from competitor news sites to throttle down those sites’ reach, which would bolster the Caller‘s own market share, which is already bolstered by its reputation and social media properties built up from years of success under former editor Carlson. But of course, Carlson is no longer there.

When a left-wing Guardian writer criticized the Caller for supposedly running white supremacist content under Carlson, the Daily Caller groveled and begged for her acceptance.

The company’s official Twitter account tweeted a statement from the site’s publisher and co-founder Neil Patel, who served as chief policy adviser to former Vice President Dick Cheney. In the statement, Patel referred to a “junior editor” who tried to publish columns by Milo Yiannopoulos, a populist nationalist Trump-supporting commentator who worked with me at Breitbart.

The “junior editor” in question was actually the site’s opinion editor Rob Mariani, another populist nationalist who was fired by the Caller’s relatively new editor-in-chief Geoff Ingersoll.

What exactly does “white supremacist-type people” mean?

Milo, in fact, is a connoisseur of miscegenation and married a black man in 2017, as reported by The Root.

The Caller missed out by rejecting Milo, who is vastly funnier than the comedy content currently on the Caller‘s website, including  “Ben Shapirbro,” their tribute to anti-Trump neocon pundit Ben Shapiro.

Caller editor-in-chief Geoff Ingersoll is best and exclusively known for launching an ill-advised Twitter tirade against populist nationalist writer Cassandra Fairbanks, an original Big League Politics reporter whom Ingersoll accused of being a Russian stooge — a common neocon talking point.

“Still better than eating Putin’s cock bacon for breakfast, you hapless harlot,” Ingersoll said to Fairbanks in the vicious rant. “By the way, maybe cut down. You’re blowing up.”

Fairbanks and her fans thoroughly smacked down Ingersoll, who deleted his sexist tweets in shame, though he was unrepentant about the attack on Fairbanks when questioned about it and has returned to tweeting things that usually receive very few if any retweets.

Too bad Tucker Carlson spent so many years building up the Daily Caller, only for it to be taken over by Koch people who despise the generation of populist nationalist writers who followed Tucker’s lead.

We look forward to the Daily Caller now helping Zuckerberg to police our content!

FULL DISCLOSURE: I worked for Tucker Carlson as a Daily Caller reporter from 2012 to 2015, and he was a great editor.

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