Kochs and Chamber of Commerce To Bash President Trump At National Press Club

The well-funded Koch nonprofit network continues to agitate against President Donald Trump, whose tariffs are re-establishing America’s strong presence on the economic world stage. This week, the Kochs are teaming up with the open-borders advocacy organization the U.S. Chamber of Commerce to rail against the Trump agenda.

Freedom Partners, the main nonprofit bank the Kochs use for their political spending, and the Koch-funded Americans For Prosperity are hosting the event “Trade Builds America: A Conversation on the Harm of Tariffs and Protectionism” at the National Press Club Tuesday. The event will feature Steve Forbes, the failed former Republican presidential candidate who pushed for a flat tax but also loves so-called “free trade.” The event is co-sponsored by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

Clearly, the Kochs and the powerful Chamber are not being team players for Trump’s Republican Party in the midterm elections. David Koch resigned this year from the family political and business activities, so Koch sycophants are quick to point out that Charles is really the brother with the vision nowadays. One wonders if there was behind-the-scenes unpleasantness, as The New Yorker reported. The supposedly libertarian Kochs famously blackmailed their allegedly gay brother Frederick to embolden their own business stake some years ago.

As for trade, the globalists are on the wrong side of the national momentum.

Americans grew tired in recent years of merely being a consumer country, with factories fleeing this soil in the period between China’s entry into the World Trade Organization and Trump’s takedown of the globalist Clinton machine at the ballot box. The Midwest rallied behind President Trump in 2016 and now reaps the benefits of Trump’s strong stance on trade.

Trump’s tariff threats against European Union steel and aluminum led to the EU buying massive new amounts of American soybeans. In addition, Trump is already sending out $6 billion worth of checks to American farmers to offset any losses triggered by foreign countries slapping U.S. goods with retaliatory tariffs.

As Trump has consistently said, China’s markets are collapsing under the weight of new tariffs while American markets are growing stronger. Is this policy sparking a new trade war? Not really. As Trump says, America has been losing a trade war for decades and it makes no sense for the United States not to acknowledge a war that is already being waged against us. Steve Bannon points out in his new movie “Trump@War” that the Chinese are aggressively trying to dominate the world and replace the U.S. as the main superpower, and that Chinese leaders hate foreign diplomats who do not respect or care about their own countries (no problem with Trump on that front). The Chinese appreciate strength. Renewed respect for the United States is already being felt in every corner of the world including China.

The Kochs have a dirty history regarding their relationship with foreign despots, principally Adolf Hitler and Josef Stalin.

I explain how Fred Koch built oil refineries for Hitler and did business with the Soviets. Why do globalist billionaire brands get off the hook, even when they have a disgusting human rights record?

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