Kochs and Soros Launch Think-Tank Headed by Iranian Extremist to Undermine Trump’s Foreign Policy Agenda

This weekend, the globalists George Soros and the Koch Brothers announced a partnership to fund the Quincy Institute for Responsible Statecraft to allegedly oppose endless war.

“The Quincy Institute is an action-oriented think tank that will lay the foundation for a new foreign policy centered on diplomatic engagement and military restraint. The current moment presents a once-in-a-generation opportunity to bring together like-minded progressives and conservatives and set U.S. foreign policy on a sensible and humane footing. Our country’s current circumstances demand it,” the Quincy Institute’s website reads.

Soros’ Open Society Foundation and the Charles Koch Foundation put up half a million each to get the think-tank off the ground. It will be led by Trita Parsi, who founded the National Iranian American Council (NIAC). Pariso wrote A Single Roll of the Dice – Obama’s Diplomacy with Iran, praising former President Barack Obama’s nuclear deal with Iran.

The NIAC has come under fire for its alleged ties to the Islamic Republic of Iran. He was ordered to pay “$183,480.09 in monetary sanctions” over a defamation suit brought against journalist Hassan Daioleslam by NIAC in an attempt to bully him into silence.

“They sued me, and ran a smear campaign against me,” Daioleslam said to Business Insider in 2015. “They did everything to crush me. But after seven years of the lawsuit they couldn’t break me.”

The NIAC “flouted multiple court orders,” according to Judge Robert Wilkins, during the course of the defamation suit that they brought against Daioleslam, as they desperately wanted to keep their internal workings hidden from the public.

“Its resolute failure to produce all relevant drives until over a year after it was first ordered to do so is inexcusable,” Wilkins said about NIAC’s dishonest and secretive behavior in the courts.

The U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia found in 2012 that Parsi’s work is “not inconsistent with the idea that he was first and foremost an advocate for the regime.”

Parsi’s writings show his far-left, anti-Israel political leanings. He recently wrote an op/ed for The Guardian where he praised Muslim socialist Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) following her incendiary comments made against the Jewish people.

“On the Israel-Palestine conflict, it was Omar, more than her party elders, who represented the values of Democratic voters when she criticized the influence of money in politics and applied the point to America’s virtually unconditional support for Israel,” he wrote, cheering on the Democratic Party’s recent shift against the Jewish nation.

“The overwhelming majority of Democrats, about 82%, now say the US should lean toward neither Israel nor Palestinians. Even more dramatically, 56% of Democrats favor imposing sanctions or harsher measures against Israel if its settlements keep expanding,” he added.

Parsi wrote another op/ed in The Guardian blaming Donald Trump for allowing mass shootings to persist while claiming that right-wing conservatives, not extremist Muslims, are the most pressing terror threat.

“Trump apparently considers neo-Nazis, white supremacists and those motivated by racial and cultural anxiety as his constituency,” he wrote. “Depicting them as a threat counters his interests while depicting those whom they hate as dangerous serves his agenda. The more immigrants and Muslims are seen as threats, the more America’s racists are compelled to back Trump.”

“This makes Americans less safe. Not just because it turns Americans against Americans, but because Trump further shifts our focus away from the threat of rightwing extremists and racists even though they are at least as dangerous as Isis extremists,” he added.

Because of the Koch Brothers and their close ally George Soros – who are also partnering to implement Big Brother censorship against right-wing dissidents – Parsi will be at the helm of another influential think-tank where he will be able to oppose President Trump’s foreign policy and promote Iranian interests under the guise of supporting peace.

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