Krassensteins Reveal That All Their Anti-Trump Hate Only Made Them $4,000 In Profit

Krassensteins 4000 Profit

Last week Brian and Ed Krassenstein, the two twins and Twitter trolls who frequently responded to President Donald J. Trump’s tweets with vitriolic calls for his impeachment and resignation, were permanently suspended from the platform after Twitter announced that they bought fake followers and engagement. Now they revealed that their years of anti-Trump hysteria barely resulted in any profit at all.

In a desperate sounding Facebook post, Ed Krassenstein rebuffed the idea that he is a “grifter” who stokes anti-Trump hysteria in an attempt to make money by revealing that the brothers’ website, Hill Reporter, only made $4,000 in its entire existence.

“People called us grifters. People said we were paid to tweet. None of this is true,” wrote Krassenstein in a Facebook post. “In the three years that we used Twitter in order to tweet about politics and our current president, we indirectly generated no more than $4000 in profits, all from our editing and writing for Hill Reporter and a few stories on The Independent.”

This is ironic, considering the Krassensteins previously led Big League Politics reporter Peter D’Abrosca to believe that they made large sums of money and donated it to leftist organizations as part of their political activism.

Big League Politics reported:

“Hill Reporter makes money,” Krassenstein said. “We’ve just reinvested or donated every dollar thus far.”

That seems like a noble endeavor, but Krassenstein refused to confirm which “charities” have been the beneficiaries of the website’s altruism. He said he’d have to contact Kosur before releasing the information. The conversation ended mid-morning on Monday, and Krassenstein has still not returned with a response.

“I finance Hill Reporter,” Krassenstein said. “Along with James Kosur and Brian Krassenstein. Right now we don’t get a paycheck for anything we do on Twitter or Hill Reporter.”

Assuming both the statement provided to Big League Politics and the Facebook post are both true, it would seem the Krassensteins certainly have not made very much money to reinvest into their now-failing website or donate to worthy causes.

If nothing else, this may go to show that merely hating President Trump is not a viable business model, and it may also serve as evidence for Twitter’s claim. Considering the brothers, combined, had nearly 2 million Twitter followers, one might assume they would be able to leverage that following for a great deal of traffic on their website that would surely generate more than $4,000 in profits.

Unless, of course, Twitter is telling the truth, and the brothers’ engagement was propped up by phony likes, retweets, and followers.

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