Kris Kobach Receives Additional Endorsements from Republican Officials

BLP previously reported on United States Senator Roger Marshall’s endorsement of Kris Kobach for Kansas Attorney General.

Now, the former Kansas Secretary of State has received endorsements from former Governor Jeff Colyer and former US prosecutor Tony Mattivi.

On top of that, the Kansas Republican Congressional delegation has endorsed Kobach’s bid for Attorney General. Congressmen Ron Estes, Tracey Mann, and Jake LaTurner endorsed Kobach’s campaign earlier this week.

LaTurner made the following statement highlighting his endorsement of Kobach’s campaign:

Biden continues to use executive orders and bureaucratic rulemaking to get around Congress. Kansans truly cannot afford a Democratic Attorney General who will not fight back. We are counting on Kansas voters to elect Kris Kobach.

In an email that he sent to followers on August 31, 2022, Kobach stated:

Democratic Attorney Generals are wreaking havoc across the country, returning criminals to the streets without spending any time in jail, harassing businesses under the guise of consumer protection, and crippling the oil and gas industry in their states.

We can’t allow that to happen in our state.

Despite losing a gubernatorial bid in 2018 and a bid for US Senate in 2020, Kobach continues to fight for America First principles.

Kobach is an outspoken immigration patriot and a firm believer in traditional American freedoms. During a time when the federal government is constantly infringing on the rights of individuals and trying to subjugate states and municipalities, America will need firm leadership to counter these threats.

The days of trying persuade people of the error of their ways are over. Instead, America needs fighters at the state level who will stand up to the feds. Kris Kobach is one of the few individuals with the right stuff to stand up to permanent bureaucratic state in the Potomac.


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