Kris Kobach Voices Strong Opposition to Red Flag Laws

When Republicans left and right are falling for the Siren Song of red flag gun confiscation orders, one Republican is sticking to his principles.

The Republican is former Kansas Secretary of State and now 2020 Senate candidate Kris Kobach. Known for his staunch America First views on the border, Kobach has also made it clear to America’s gun owners that he is a fierce Second Amendment defender as well.

He is not having any part of the GOP’s current compromise on the issue of red flag laws.

Kobach told The Epoch Times that “red flag laws that have been passed at the state level deny due process in multiple ways to the targets of individual gun confiscation complaints.”

According to The Epoch Times report, these laws can be used by disgruntled former dating partners as a tool of vengeance against gun owners.
It notes the following:

Kobach said that under many existing red flag state laws, any person who has lived in a target’s house—including ex-girlfriends or boyfriends—can be considered a family member for purposes of lodging gun confiscation complaints.

For Kobach, “The standard of proof is very low. They have a hearing where they seize the person’s guns right away without even being told.”

He added, “The standard for disarming the individual is very low, it’s not a beyond reasonable doubt standard.”

Currently, there is no red flag legislation at the federal level, however over a dozen states have these laws on the books. Kobach said that these laws “are not good.”

The former Kansas Secretary of State hasn’t spoken to Trump on the issue of red flag laws, but he would very likely advise the president against enacting a federal red flag measure.

Since the Parkland shooting in 2018, Kobach has remained a strong opponent of red flag bills citing how they promote the “seizure of guns without any hearing at all” and shift the “burden of proof to the gun owner.”

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