Kroger Grocery to Offer ‘Hero Bonus’ to Staff Keeping Stores Open

Kroger Grocery stores are offering a standardized ‘hero bonus’ to staff keeping their stores open in the midst of the raging Chinese coronavirus epidemic.

The hero bonus will boost worker’s pay by $2/an hour across the board.

Over these past few weeks, our associates from across the country have showed the true meaning of the word ‘hero.’” Kroger CEO Rodney McMullen saluted the vital efforts of the company’s workforce in announcing the bonus, recognizing the unprecedented nature of the coronavirus epidemic and its effect on grocery stores and its workers.

The bonus is limited to hours worked between March 29th and April 18th, although there may be a need to extend it if the volatile national situation subjects grocery store workers to the same chaotic and hazardous conditions.

The company has reported seeing a 30% increase in total sales during the coronavirus epidemic, and has borrowed $1 billion to ensure that its stores are properly staffed and stocked.

Americans have seen the vital contribution firsthand of occasionally overlooked workers in fields such as healthcare and grocery retail have made during the epidemic. Grocery store workers have been officially recognized as emergency workers by states such as Minnesota.

Kroger deserves credit for recognizing the efforts of its workers, and it’s well worth questioning if the modest increase in their pay should be made permanent.


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