Kyle Rittenhouse Reveals He Plans to Become a Lawyer to Fight “POS” Prosecutors

Exonerated Illinois youth Kyle Rittenhouse revealed on Monday that he’s planning on becoming a criminal defense lawyer, speaking in his second major interview since a Kenosha County, Wisconsin court found him not guilty of homicide charges stemming from a self defense event in August 2020.

Rittenhouse singled out Kenosha County assistant prosecutor Thomas Binger, pointing to Binger’s track record of misconduct in his case as a motivating factor for him to pursue a career in the legal field. Rittenhouse was speaking with The Blaze’s Elijah Schaffer and Sydney Watson.

I want to be a lawyer. I want to go to law school,” said Rittenhouse, revealing he had decided to go for a law career near the end of his homicide trial. “I want to go against corrupt piece of s*** prosecutors like Thomas Binger, and put them in their place and make sure they never practice law again.

Binger was implicated in hiding critical evidence from the defense team during Rittenhouse’s trial, including a high-definition FBI drone video that showed Rittenhouse under attack by convicted pedophile Joseph Rosenbaum. He faced rebuke from the judge overseeing the trial, with many pointing to the entire prosecution as a politically motivated charade conducted at the behest of the Democratic Party.

In one revelation, Rittenhouse revealed that he had played Call of Duty on the nights of the trial, in a nod to a ridiculous insinuation on the part of Binger that playing Call of Duty suggested Rittenhouse was prone to violence.

Rittenhouse had previously suggested he was interested in a career in nursing, having previously taken EMT classes and obtaining basic medical skills he intended to use as a medic during the violent ANTIFA riot that consumed downtown Kenosha in August 2020.

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