L.A. City Council Forces Contractors To Reveal Support For Second Amendment

Anti-gun interests never rest.

A Los Angeles City Council Committee approved a draft ordinance on February 4, 2019 that will require city contractors to disclose any affiliations they have with the NRA.  Although this ordinance would not ban contractors tied to the NRA from doing business with the city, it still requires them to disclose contracts and sponsorship agreements they have with the Second Amendment group.

This is not the first time organizations like the NRA have been targeted by legacy institutions. Rental car companies like Avis and software companies like Symantec broke ties with the gun organization in the aftermath of the Stoneman Douglas shooting. Now that corporate virtue signaling is becoming the norm, we can expect corporate and municipal entities to pile on to the anti-gun hysteria.

The NRA has been a squishy defender of gun rights, but this is a troubling development for gun organizations nationwide. Such measures could be extended to other pro-gun organizations, and given Los Angeles’ reputation as a political trend setter, we can expect similar ordinances to spread across the nation.

Gun organizations already face significant roadblocks on social media platforms like Facebook where firearm accessory ads have been heavily restricted, and, YouTube, which has demonetized and even banned firearms instruction videos. With gun control gaining more steam at the state level, anti-gunners are hoping for a massive momentum shift on an issue that has been relatively fringe for the past few decades.

Gun culture in the U.S. is currently under fire. The Left knows all too well that pursuing direct gun confiscation is not politically feasible. For that reason, they’ll settle for other alternatives such as the recent L.A. ordinance or corporate gun control. From taking over municipalities to infiltrating the corporate boardroom, the anti-gun Left is making a full court press to make gun control a reality in America.

The 21st century is one of unconventional political tactics.  Politics is no longer confined to just the ballot box. Now it’s being fought at the local and state level, as well in the general cultural and corporate world.

This should be a wake-up call to all pro-gun advocates. The tactics of the 20th century do not have much carryover in to the present. Gun owners must adapt to current circumstances lest they want anti-gun forces to come out on top.

There’s no mercy for those who refuse to adapt.









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