LA Times Confirms Big League Report on SPLC’s Internal Strife

Thursday, it was reported that SPLC co-founder Morris Dees was fired from his own non-profit, sparking questions about why the 82-year-old was let go.

The official SPLC statement did not provide much in the way of answers, but mentioned that Dees failed to meet the company’s unspecified internal behavioral standards.

In the wake of the reports of Dess’ firing, Big League Politics spoke with a source who is in contact with “whistleblowers” within the SPLC, who complained about the way the company treated certain groups.

BLP reported:

“There’s a lot of anger and resentment inside the company. Their black employees are paid less than their white ones,” the source said. “Dees feels that he’s being scapegoated because the SPLC was down a whole bunch of money. They didn’t raise that much money last year.”

Morris had previously been accused of discriminatory treatment of black employees.

Late Thursday night, The Los Angeles Times confirmed BLP’s report about the internal strife at the SPLC.

LA Times reported:

The Times has also learned that the organization, whose leadership is predominantly white, has been wrestling with complaints of workplace mistreatment of women and people of color. It was not immediately clear whether those issues were connected to the firing of Dees, who is 82.

Also Thursday, employees sent correspondence to management demanding reforms, expressing concerns about the resignation last week of a highly respected black attorney at the organization and criticizing the organization’s work culture.

A letter signed by about two dozen employees — and sent to management and the board of directors before news broke of Dees’ firing — said they were concerned that internal “allegations of mistreatment, sexual harassment, gender discrimination, and racism threaten the moral authority of this organization and our integrity along with it.”

The story of internal turmoil faced at America’s most influential purveyors of hatred against conservatives will likely continue to develop.

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