LA Times Journalist Fired After Death Threat to Mike Cernovich Exposed

The perpetrator of a deranged and conspiratorial death threat directed towards gorilla mindset personality and award winning author Mike Cernovich was revealed to be a journalist affiliated with the Los Angeles Times, with the mainstream media company announcing his firing on Friday night  in response to Cernovich revealing the threat publicly.

After revealing the message of the threat, Cernovich spoke of his preference to keep the identity of the creator of the outlandish statement private. However, sources familiar with the matter confirmed to BigLeaguePolitics on Friday night that a Contributing Writer of the LA Times, Perry Fein, made the threat to Cernovich, inferring that he would be lined up against the wall and executed by firing squad at an undisclosed point in time taking place after a supposedly upcoming annexation of the United States by the Russian Federation. As of Saturday morning the Russian Foreign Ministry has not commented on any prospective plans to execute Mike Cernovich after an annexation of America. Admitting responsibility on behalf of one of their own contributors, the Los Angeles Times’ official Twitter account announced they were severing ties with Fein in response to his unprofessional and potentially violent behavior, stating that Fein’s actions “violated [the Times’] professional standards and we are ending our relationship with the freelancer.” 

It appears that as of Saturday morning a search for any of Fein’s content on the LA Times website doesn’t reveal any content authored by him. Fein’s Twitter account(from which the threat was DM’ed to Cernovich) and his Linkedin page(where he identified himself as a Contributor to the LA Times) appear to have been deleted.

It’s unclear why Fein fixated upon Cernovich as a target for conspiratorial threats, but it raises questions about the accuracy of a narrative alleging that employees of traditional legacy media outlets are facing an  existential threat when they themselves make crude and sensational death threats to figures associated with alternative new media. Cernovich, the author of best-selling men’s health book Gorilla Mindset, is also known as an occasional co-host of Infowars as a guest of its pioneer Alex Jones, another frequent target for ire and hatred from mainstream media figures.

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