Ladies and Gentlemen, Welcome To The #PelosiShutdown

President Donald Trump has masterfully out-negotiated Democrat House speaker Nancy Pelosi, guiding the San Francisco socialite into an unenviable position: Her donors and string-pullers clearly will not accept a border Wall, but her own Democrat caucus is losing patience with her obstructionism.

Pelosi has not offered any viable explanation for why she refuses to fund the Wall — even with DACA amnesty protections on the table — because the American people probably would not accept a statement along the lines of “Sorry, George Soros won’t let me do it.” President Trump said before his speech Saturday that Pelosi is “under total control of the radical left,” and then he proved it.

Pelosi put out a statement rejecting the deal before Trump even gave his speech, which Trump delayed from 3 PM to 4 PM, and then again from 4 PM to 4:05. The statement went live at around 4 PM, before Trump’s speech started, highlighting the ridiculousness of Nancy’s holdout position.

Has Nancy ever read “Art of the Deal”?

Whether cancelling her military flight before it took off (and returning her luggage to her office), inviting the press into an ambush confrontation at the White House, or giving a beautiful Oval Office address right before the Democrats’ petrified awkward response, President Trump is just humiliating Nancy Pelosi over and over again. It’s almost difficult to watch. When will Nancy just surrender already?

President Trump still holds all the cards because he could declare a national emergency to build the Wall, so he didn’t even really need to put amnesty on the table to begin with, but the continuation of this government shutdown could have some added benefits for the taxpayers. (READ: President Trump Can Start Laying Off Furloughed Workers After 30 Days With ‘Reduction In Force’ Procedure).

I explain why Nancy Pelosi is losing:


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