Largest Teachers Union in United Kingdom Votes to Have Drag Queen Grooming Hour in All Schools

The National Education Union (NEU), the largest teachers union in Britain, is calling for schools across the United Kingdom to bring in drag queens to groom children in every school.

NEU members voted in favor of a motion that promoting drag queens, along with all kinds of other LGBT indoctrination rituals, in order to combat the “heteronormative culture” pervasive in British schools.

“Initiatives like drag queen story time and inviting LGBT+ authors into schools can help challenge the heteronormative culture and curriculum that dominates education,” the motion stated.

Teachers are blaming United Kingdom Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, a Conservative Party member, for enabling attacks on drag queen story hour events and causing violence against mutilated transgenders.

“He is supporting the far right attacks on drag queen story time. He is saying hate and abuse is fine. We won’t stand for this,” said drama teacher Kacey de Groot.

An NEU leader said that promoting LGBT degeneracy in schools would counter the rise of voices like pro-masculinity activist Andrew Tate, who has gained popularity with young men and boys in recent years with his politically incorrect message.

“Empowering all young people to develop positive attitudes from their time at school is essential — especially at a time when young people are targeted online with intolerant and divisive ideas from figures like Andrew Tate,” said Dr. Mary Bousted, the NEU’s joint general secretary.

Big League Politics has reported on how drag queens are regularly used to groom children and sexualize them as the LGBT plague circulates like a poison throughout society:

On Saturday, a LGBT Pride event hosted by the city of Venice, Fla. allowed children to play dildo ring toss as they partied with scantily-clad crossdressing perverts. This state-sponsored grooming activity featured rainbow dildos that children could throw rings over while the “Kids Korner” portion of the event gave drag queen strippers access to young children.

The dildo ring ross event was sponsored by CAN Community Health, a Sarasota-based nonprofit organization, that exists to promote the supremacy of HIV+ homosexuals. They sponsor pride events across the nation and revel in exposing young children to dildos and other phallic objects.

An image from the pride event, provided by Libs of TikTok, can be seen here:

… It’s hard to go a day in America without witnessing another LGBT atrocity being perpetrated against the youth. These organized predators are after the souls of the innocent. Christian Nationalism is the only answer to this societal plague at this point.”

Britain may be lost to the reprobates, but Americans have the means to resist this demonic agenda. Christians need to read the Bill of Rights and exercise their rights before it is too late.

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