Larry Krasner’s Philadelphia Recently Hit 300 homicides

According to a report by WHYY, Philadelphia could potentially overtake its record-breaking homicide numbers of 2021.

Last week, Philadelphia recorded its 300th homicide victim. 

Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner, who is supported by culturally leftist oligarch George Soros, expressed his frustration with the city hitting the 300 homicide mark. 

“It is traumatic, not just for those directly affected, but for everybody who lives in the city, everybody who is indirectly affected,” Krasner stated. “We are all locally suffering through what is savage, heartbreaking, tragic. I mean, the fact that there are so many young people involved, and involved on both ends of the gun, is particularly heartbreaking.”

In light of the growing violence in the city, the Philadelphia City Council recently strengthened an existing juvenile curfew that makes old teens have to stay home by 10 p.m during this summer. 

Krasner conceded that Philadelphia residents are angry with the ballooning homicide rate. Should these homicide figures continue climbing, which could surpass 2021’s bone-chilling record of homicides.

“I do understand why people who are frightened and people who are concerned about their public safety rightly are frustrated with city leaders. But having said that, I don’t think it’s fair to say that our police commissioner is doing nothing. I think our police commissioner is doing a lot, and I think our police commissioner is doing a lot with our office after she came up with some ideas and we came up with some ideas, and we will continue to do that,” Krasner added.

During this timeframe in July, the homicide number stood at 304. According to WHYY, 2022’s “death rate is just 1% below 2021’s record setting pace.”

Cities like Philadelphia have fallen victim to progressive district attorneys who have taken a soft-on-crime approach to public order. The result has been the “Gothamization” of many prestigious American cities that now increasingly resemble Third World urban centers where criminals operate with virtual impunity. 

America cannot afford to have such derelict leadership in its core urban centers. 

If the Right wants to make noise in otherwise difficult seats to win in blue states, a good place to start is by launching pro-law & order campaigns in major cities like Philadelphia. These types of political ventures are good first steps towards gradually building a rival power base in blue jurisdictions. 

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