Larry Kudlow Calls to Put American Workers First at CPAC

White House Director of the National Economic Council Larry Kudlow called upon policy makers to put their obligations towards Americans citizens at CPAC on Friday, stating that helping American workers return to the workforce should remain the priority over immigration visa programs.

Kudlow’s remarks contrast sharply with recent remarks attributed to White House Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney. Mulvaney is said to have described the United States as “desperate” for more legal immigration at a private gathering of political elites in England earlier this month, stating that the country needed more workers to sustain economic growth.

It seems to have escaped Mulvaney that millions of working-age Americans are currently out of the labor force. The manpower to grow the economy in a nation of 330 million people is already here- unfortunately, millions of Americans appear to have been largely sidelined from the economy by low wages, scarce opportunities for those with criminal records, and the outsourcing and automation of middle class jobs in entire swathes of the country.

Kudlows’ remarks possibly represent a gentle pushback against Mulvaney’s call for buffed legal immigration. However, the latter may be set to depart from the Trump administration, after recent reports indicate that the former Republican Congressman may be preparing to take a cushy job of the world of prestigious Washington, D.C conservative think tanks.

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