LA’s Firefighters Union Pushes Back On Medical Tyranny By Suing The City

A team of firefighters on duty.

Unions, both public and private sector, have historically been a pillar of Democrat Party support. When the Democrat Party pretended to at least sympathize with the challenges facing ordinary working people, union members were more than happy to give them unwavering support. But ever since the Democrat Party has stopped pretending to be the party of the American working class and started being the party of foreigners, union members have been migrating in droves to the Republican Party, a move epitomized by President Donald Trump flipping five Rust Belt states. This move has now received a new accelerant in the form of vaccine mandates.

According to The Epoch Times, the main firefighters union in Los Angeles, United Firefighters of Los Angeles City Local 112, delivered an official complaint on Monday to the Los Angeles Superior Court. The official complaint was delivered in an effort to induce an injunction on and momentary restraining order on the vaccine mandate passed by the city government on their direct employees.

The city government implemented an ordinance in August cementing their commitment to medical tyranny, ordering the nearly one hundred thousand employees on its direct payroll to receive a hastily-approved jab from the multi-billion dollar conglomerate of their choice. The city government was at least generous enough to extend the deadline for employees to subject themselves to medical tyranny and have so far provided the possibility for medical or religious exemptions.

The union’s specific gripes with the city government are the requirement that unvaccinated city employees be subjected to testing twice a week only by vendors that the city has authorized and the requirement that these employees then reimburse the city to the tune of $65 for each test. Many see such an additional financial burden as something most city employees can ill afford, thereby financially coercing them to receive a vaccine that they otherwise would not have consented to.

To make matters worse, city employees who are forced to take these tests and then refuse to reimburse the city for this lunacy will be subject to termination. Property crimes seem to be tolerated, however.

The main demand of the union is for the mandate requirements to remain unenforced until their unfair practices charge filed to the Employee Relations Board is fully resolved.

“By emailing the proposal and claiming it is the last, best and final, the city deprived the union of its right to bargain by denying it the right to review and respond to the proposal,” the suit states.

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