Late-Term Abortionist Calls Bill to Ban Infanticide “Ignorant”

A well known late-term abortionist broke his silence on the issue of infanticide, siding with the grotesque procedure.

LeRoy Carhart, the late term abortionist out of Nebraska went on record for the first time in 10 years, calling Nebraska Senator Ben Sasse “ignorant” for promoting the Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act.

Big League Politics reported on the Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act as a bill that would

“‘prohibit a health care practitioner from failing to exercise the proper degree of care in the case of a child who survives an abortion or attempted abortion.’ Meaning, the infant would have to be rushed to a hospital after being born alive from a botched abortion.”

In an interview with KETV7, Sen. Sasse, who has been pushing for the bill since 2015, explained his reasoning behind promoting the bill, “As pro life as I am, this issue is not about abortion. It’s about babies that have survived abortion.” To Sen. Sasse’s attempt at saving babies born from failed abortions, Carhart said, “I think either he is ignorant and doesn’t understand what he is talking about or even worse he’s lying because he wants to motivate his base.”

Lying about infanticide? That’s a very bold statement coming from a late-term abortionist.

In the same interview, Carhart stated his lack of concern for abortion reasoning, “I don’t care what her reasons are,” he said. “It’s really cruel and inhumane to make a woman stay pregnant with a baby she knows won’t survive birth,” Carhart said as declaration to his late-term abortions.

Keep in mind, this is the same late-term abortionist who opened up a clinic in Maryland after Nebraska banned abortions after 20 weeks, so he could continue performing abortions later in pregnancy.

Carhart doesn’t have a very clean history, either. Live Action reports “At least eight women have been transported from Carhart’s Maryland facility to emergency rooms, says Operation Rescue, and ‘one of his third-trimester patients, Jennifer Morbelli, died in 2013 from complications to her procedure.'”

Live Action also released undercover video from 2013 where Carhart joked about how he performed late-term abortions.

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